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A Will To Survive

You are now looking at one of the greatest stories of survival and blessings that can ever be told. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Mr. Saul and his wife Millone Harris. What a beautiful couple!!! To know them is to love them. You will not meet a nicer couple in your life. They will literally put their lives on the line to help whoever is in need of help. Well, that’s exactly what they do on a daily basis. Growing up in Haiti, they’ve only known poverty and survival. In fact, Millone grew up as an orphan at one of the orphanages that we support in Haiti. Not only did we nurture, raise and educate her, but she ended up working as a nurse in the orphanage and eventually as the head of the orphanage. She retired from those duties about 5 years ago and is now the English teacher at the Moody grammar school that we support in Haiti. Well, it doesn’t stop there. She works side by side with her husband who is the principal of that school.

Saul & his wife Millone who lives in Haiti and leads an elementary school

Saul and Millone survived the earthquake that happened in Haiti in 2010 that killed nearly 350,000 people. Not only did they survive but they saw about the needs and safety of all of the girls at the orphanage and did an amazing job in relocating them and providing for them during one of the most difficult times in the country.

Their lives are at risk every day that they leave their home to go to work because of the political uprising that is happening in Haiti but they are determined to see about the care and needs of the children of the school. I recently traveled to Haiti and stayed in their home and had an amazing time. My last day in Haiti was one of the most dangerous days in the streets of Haiti but Saul and Millone were determined to get me to the airport and back home safely. We left very early that morning for the airport and took some back roads to get there. We made it to the airport safely but I later learned that on their way back home, they were stopped and nearly kidnapped. Saul had to give some money in order to get safe passage back home.

The Education initiative is one of our focus for the Good Success Foundation and we are determined to give the children of Moody grammar school in Haiti a great education. Our future projects for the school includes: a computer lab, better bathrooms, fixing up the cafeteria and an updated playground for the students. We are also looking for individuals that are willing to sponsor the children.

Won’t you help us? Let’s change some lives together.

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